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The Pillars of Our Property Management Platform

At Keeley Properties, investment in our people, pillars, and partners yields shared success. We take genuine care of our people and properties to create value and optimize an asset’s performance while infusing hospitality and delight into every aspect of the tenant experience. As developers, owners, and renters ourselves, we understand the needs of each individual and property are different. That’s why we focus on a tailored, authentic approach to serving our clients and communities. We call it Property Management+. Our in-house property management team is guided by five key pillars:

Relationships | Responsiveness | Personalization | Cleanliness | Wow & Delight


Building relationships is vital to our success. Getting to know our residents as well as our vendors and partners allows us to better understand their wants, needs, and goals, giving us the knowledge we need to tailor our communication and actions to best serve them. Building these long-lasting relationships helps increase occupancy and retention at our properties, empowering us to deliver invaluable marketing and turning our clients into our own R&D department. We also know that even if a lease is short-term, if we foster our relationship with that resident, it could turn into recurring business, and we could potentially work with them in the future from a residential or commercial perspective. Our unmatched focus on building strong relationships boosts team member engagement and confidence in our workplace, which directly translates back into the resident experience.


We are strong believers that a well-informed community is a happy community. There should never be an issue or request that goes unaddressed at our residents’ home, which is why we prioritize timely and effective communication. If a problem arises, we will communicate throughout the entire process in an open and transparent manner. We strive to ensure that our messaging is relevant to everyone’s communication styles, striking a balance between modern and traditional formats when interacting with our residents. We will always initiate a phone call so they can hear our voice and show them how much we care about fixing an issue or making their experience better. We also utilize text messages and eBlasts so residents can interact with our communications at a time that is convenient for them. In addition, we use printed materials so information is always readily available. We are dedicated to communicating logically and proactively, facing issues head on, so our residents feel connected and at ease with our team and the community.


Our attention to personalized service through the resident experience is truly unmatched. We go above and beyond treating every resident as they would want to be treated. The resident experience is defined by all the touchpoints, or meaningful interactions between a resident and our brand, throughout the lifecycle of a resident:

· Prospect Experience // personalize tours and a seamless application process

· Leasing Experience // dedicated team focused on finding tailored solutions

· Move-In Experience // a unique move-in gift and welcome to new home

· Resident Life Experience // events and communications that cultivate community

· Renewal Experience // emphasis on fostering long-term relationships with renters

Our specialty is in creating extraordinary experiences for residents – infusing hospitality, authenticity, and delight into every aspect of our communities. At the same time we deliver a consistent level of service across our portfolio, we customize each communities’ offerings based on its unique location and personality. We look at the culture and demographics of our residents and do everything we can to embrace everyone’s lifestyles into our environment. Our team is continuously focused on simplifying the lives of our residents and creating lively, welcoming, and inclusive communities.


We treat our properties as if they were our own home – with a fine attention to detail and care. Our properties are a reflection of the communities in which they are located, both visually and environmentally. We take into account the smells, sights, and sounds that someone experiences as soon as they walk through the door. From our president to our cleaning teams, each team member takes the initiative to do things like pick up trash, tidy areas, and wipe up spills to ensure a neat and spotless presentation. COVID-19 made cleanliness more important than ever. Early in the pandemic, we implemented new cleaning and disinfecting processes to assure our residents that high traffic areas were consistently clean and ready for use. Watch the video to learn more about our response to COVID cleaning and safety.

Wow & Delight

We take genuine care of our people, both residents and team members alike, and do everything we can to give them the best living experience possible. It truly is the little things that matter in making someone’s experience more enjoyable. Everyday efforts can make the biggest impressions as they show a degree of caring in the most simple and mundane of gestures. We love being able to make a difference in our residents’ lives, and by fostering a feeling of “home”, we can create an environment for them to make meaningful connections.


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