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The Clover: Plant Your Roots in Olivette

In the early stages of development of The Clover at Olive Crossing, the Keeley Properties team partnered with HOK’s interiors and experience design teams to build a brand that would speak to the community, the design of the building, and the lifestyle of the residents who would call this place home.

Naming The Clover was a collaborative effort that started with a brand vision for the community’s personality, which centered around comforting, inviting, connected, and refined. Throughout brainstorms and creative sessions, the team leaned into naming concepts that paid homage to the community, tying into Olivette’s rich history. The Clover originates from the incorporation of Olivette in the 1930s by joining the four communities of Central, Tower Hill, Olive, and Stratmann. The imagery of the clover represents not only the location but the connection, the unity, the togetherness that we want residents to feel when they live in the space. The name means to live in ease, luxury, and pleasant circumstances.

The overall concept for The Clover leans into the warm and inviting aspects of Olivette, drawing inspiration from the surrounding area and bringing in graphic elements that recall a classic era. The design of The Clover’s brand mark was inspired by the O and the C in Olive Crossing. These shapes are abstractly interpreted into the logo. The brand mark represents connections, sophistication, and style – flowing seamlessly both in theme and in design to the mod fashion and pop culture influence of the interiors. Altogether the brand is embodied in the interior design, creating memorable and fashionable spaces that maintain a timeless look.

The Clover at Olive Crossing is a boutique residence experience boasting designer apartments and local amenities, including retail, restaurants, and nearby greenway. This mixed use community focuses on sustainability and wellness with features like electric car chargers and indoor/outdoor fitness. It maintains convenient city access with proximity to St. Louis’ urban core, I-170 and Lambert Airport, and the trendy Clayton district. The residences provide a home to professionals seeking a sophisticated place to live, work, and play that affords them with all the comforts of a modern lifestyle.


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