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Our Dedication to the Resident Experience

Keeley Properties is expanding into new market sectors and across the country, and it would not be possible without our incredible team members. From pre-development through move-in, our properties become communities that are an extension of our family. We are so proud of our people who work tirelessly every day to make our properties a safe, comfortable home for so many people. Blake Hancock, Penny Wager, and Anna Pizzo are three of our incredible team members on the Resident Experience team. They have all worked with several of our properties and their dedication to our residents, professionalism, and excitement for their jobs do not go unnoticed.

Blake started with the team in 2017 leasing at our legacy property, Clayton on the Park. She was new to the real estate industry, but once she dove in, she saw the many growth opportunities available to her. After two years she moved to The Euclid in Central West End and transitioned into a community marketing role. Blake then worked with the resident community at Chroma and most recently is at Malone building the resident experience program there. Her favorite thing about the real estate and development industry is the unique ability to explore and build new relationships within each neighborhood that Keeley Properties operates.

“I love helping people feel connected to their community, the property, and their neighbors. I am excited to help do that on a bigger scale as we grow into new markets. Our team is agile, thinks creatively and can grow communities outside St. Louis just as we do within our own backyard.”

As she has grown with Keeley Properties and navigated her career, Blake has learned a lot of valuable lessons, with the most important being that her job doesn’t have a singular meaning. Being a team player is so important in this industry, no matter your position, and she has been willing to do everything from picking up the trash to working directly with leadership when necessary. This willingness to help and learn every aspect of the business has helped her grow in ways she didn’t know were possible.

Penny joined the family nine years ago and her journey has been ever evolving and growing. When she was hired, the team had just taken on their first residential project with Clayton on the Park. Her role was to create an experience for the residents by fostering a culture of hospitality, service, and fun while keeping the comfortable feeling of home. Today, Penny is proud that they not only achieved the goals for Clayton on the Park, but the team set the market standard and, as management changed hands, left the building with a reputation for providing a gold-star resident living experience. As a company, Keeley Properties has structured an authentic, tailored Resident Experience program and scaled it to all properties. Penny has seen incredible growth during her time with Keeley and her favorite part of working with her team is knowing that they are actively improving the communities in which we live and work. For her, it is incredibly satisfying to know that they are leaving the world a better place than when they found it.

“I love that what we do on a daily basis can make a difference in our residents’ lives. The process of moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life and if we can make that time less stressful, the impact we have can be huge. Strong first impressions and experiences are critical to laying the foundation for a positive resident lifecycle – happy residents become loyal residents. Fostering that resident satisfaction throughout the leasing and move-in experience is where the journey starts, but certainly not where it ends. Giving residents that ‘home’ feeling helps create intentional opportunities for them to make meaningful connections.”

After working with multiple properties and people from all backgrounds, Penny has realized that it is the little things that matter. This is especially true in creating the resident experience where Penny and the team are infusing hospitality into every resident touchpoint. The littlest efforts can make the biggest impressions as they show a degree of caring in the most simple and mundane of gestures.

Finally, Anna joined Keeley Properties in December 2019 as a leasing consultant at Chroma. Her job consisted of keeping the property highly leased by giving tours and interacting with prospective residents. When sister property, Hue, came on board a year later, it was her goal to lease the entire building while keeping the numbers high at Chroma. In February 2021, she was promoted to Resident Experience Associate. In this position, she has kept her leasing responsibilities while also taking on a more marketing-focused approach to the resident experience. Her talents shine through the events she organizes, the marketing campaigns she creates, and the five-star reviews of the residents. Anna believes she has found her passion and career destination at Keeley Properties. She loves that her job allows her to meet so many different types of people. Being able to talk with people from all over the world and help them find their new home gives her a great feeling of empowerment. Even if she is not able to help them find their perfect home at Chroma or Hue, she knows she is an ambassador for St. Louis and a helping hand in their journey.

“I could name 1,000 reasons on what I love about working with the residents at our properties. One of my top reasons is the satisfaction I get from making their living experience the best it can be. Your home should be your favorite spot! Where you go to relax, wind down, have fun, feel inspired, and so much more. For me, to be a part of the residents’ home and to make it enjoyable makes me so happy.”

Keeley Properties is a tight-knit family, so Anna has quickly learned the value of teamwork. When working in a building with a small team that consists of maintenance, leasing, and cleaning professionals, it is so important to communicate with each other and assist in any way you can. Every member of the team is essential, and residents know the tone the Chroma & Hue team sets throughout their living space. She knows that if they run a hardworking and happy team, they will foster an even better community.

Keeley Properties is dedicated to the career growth of our team members, and it is evident in these talented women. The enthusiasm they show for our properties and the real estate industry radiates throughout their work. Keeley Properties is a proud member of the Keeley Companies family, and the Resident Experience team has wholeheartedly embraced the Keeley culture.

“Starting out at Keeley and investing and learning the KeeleyWay will automatically open doors you didn’t know were possible. With the company constantly expanding and evolving, new opportunities present themselves every day and the growth is endless.” -Blake Hancock

“Being empowered to go the extra mile for a customer is my favorite part about the Keeley culture. I know that I am equipped to truly make a difference to our residents.”

-Penny Wagner

“My favorite thing about being a Keeley’n is being a part of a company that treats you like family. I have a lot of confidence working for this company and that is an amazing feeling!”

-Anna Pizzo

Thank you to our Resident Experience team for providing an unmatched environment for our residents while living out our mission and core values – INVEST. Our success and growth would not be what it is without you all and your passion for people!


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