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Maggie St. Geme: How a Non-STL Native Fell in Love with STL & Why It’s a Great Place to Work & Live

Maggie St. Geme, Marketing Manager for KDG, relocated to St. Louis as a newlywed in 2017, apprehensive to be leaving her home state of North Carolina. At the time, her only perception of St. Louis was “the gateway city” in a “flyover state.” She joined KDG predecessor, Koman Group, at the start of 2018 and quickly recognized two things that came as a welcome surprise: 1) St. Louis is made of so many unique urban pockets and communities, all rich in their own cultures and offerings. 2) St. Louis is building momentum.

Maggie came to KDG with no previous experience in the development and real estate industries. Throughout her career, she worked at a boutique investment firm, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University Medical Center, and various art museums and non-profits. This wide range of experience shaped her marketing skills as she learned different ways to apply those skills across different industries and in different situations. Maggie had never considered real estate, but she was drawn to the position because of tight-knit team culture and the opportunity to lead marketing for the two different sides of the business – development and property management. Little did she know that KDG would be an integral part in getting her acclimated to St. Louis.

“KDG really helped me get excited about St. Louis, learn the neighborhoods, and give me an appreciation for our growing region. This work has introduced me to the latest development projects and each neighborhood’s distinctive culture. I probably would not have explored and embraced St. Louis as much if I had joined a different industry when we moved here. I would not have discovered what I believe makes St. Louis so special.”

In her role as Marketing Manager, Maggie engages in every stage of the development process and is actively involved in property management helping ensure an immersive, authentic experience for tenants. She loves the high-energy atmosphere that real estate brings and the fact that at KDG, no two projects are the same. It is exciting to be continually creating and selling a differentiated product with a tailored experience that will change the way that people live, work, and play.

“We take a creative approach to everything we do, and we do that with the people we serve in mind.”

Maggie and the entire KDG team are excited to continue to innovate and invest in St. Louis. Collective development efforts will propel St. Louis forward, mimicking the growth of surrounding cities and making it a desirable destination for people to live and work without questioning what makes it a great city. Maggie would like to see St. Louis grow while retaining its authenticity, affordability, and convenience – everything is reachable by a 20-minute drive. St. Louis is home to arguably the best parks, family attractions, cultural organizations, medical centers, and higher education institutions in the Midwest. By continuing to develop communities and enhance neighborhoods, KDG will remain a driving force behind bringing St. Louis back to the national map.

Marketing is an important part of that momentum and of any business, no matter what industry you are in. Over the past few years, Maggie has used her marketing skills to support KDG’s tremendous growth. If Maggie could give one piece of advice to someone starting out in marketing, it would be:

“There are so many facets of marketing – creative, business analytics and strategy, content creation, internal and external communication. Knowing where your strengths and interests lie will help you find your niche and allow you to be an expert in your area. It is equally important to develop your skills and understanding across all aspects, so you can also contribute and provide valuable insights from a global marketing perspective.”

For more, listen to Maggie’s story on the Keeley podcast “Under Construction: Stories of the Journey to Success.”


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