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Introducing KDG CIRCLE

At KDG, we have an entrepreneurial spirit focused on growth, knowing it is the way to take our people, properties, and pipeline to the next level. This year, we launched a new initiative to foster creativity and innovation by encouraging our team members to share their ideas out loud. A few ideas have quickly turned into ideas pouring in, and at the end of the year, we will have over 300 creative solutions and innovative concepts for our “CIRCLE” program—all to enhance our work and drive growth for KDG.

Why CIRCLE? CIRCLE is an acronym we created to help categorize these creative ideas. Each idea must fit into one of these six pillars:

Our team members share these ideas through a quick video, and using CIRCLE as the guide, they are empowered to truly think differently about each aspect of their job functions. No idea is too small or too outrageous. In a world driven by technology and change, this program encourages a creative look at problem-solving and improving our overall growth strategy.

Some ideas have already been implemented! Mike Johnson, KDG CFO, has a passion for systems and spreadsheets, which led him to wonder how the team could keep track of all these amazing ideas! Subsequently, Mike submitted a CIRCLE idea for a CIRCLE tracking system, which was immediately executed in the form of an internal dashboard and visual display. A CIRCLE wheel is now posted on our office wall, with each idea being pinned next to its pillar. This allows the team to see ideas being submitted in real time and spark inspiration for more.

Kim Potts, pictured above, tied her latest CIRCLE idea to #KeeleyCares – sponsoring a house in the tiny home village of North St. Louis. The project is currently in the works and just another example of how we invest in our community. We are excited to begin implementing more ideas. Stay tuned to see what our team can dream up!


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