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Growing the Keeley Properties Management Platform

Keeley Properties takes genuine care of people and properties. In fact, it’s our mission to activate communities and build relationships. When it comes to Property Management, both in-house and for trusted partners, we understand the needs of each owner and property are different. That’s why we focus on a tailored, authentic approach to serving our clients and communities.

From inception, Keeley Properties served clients primarily in the office commercial management space, and over a decade ago, the team started managing multifamily with our signature legacy project Clayton on the Park. Multifamily is now a large focus of the Keeley Properties team for investment, development, and management. Managing someone’s home is completely different from managing other asset types, and our team strives to make these apartment buildings truly feel like home for residents. In 2021, Keeley Properties decided to strategically grow our platform from managing solely our own properties to also managing for other like-minded property owners. The team now has 10 owner clients, a number that continues to grow both here in St. Louis and across the nation as we expand into new markets. In 2022 alone, the team went from managing 400 units to over 2,000. This exponential growth has also led to additional team members, specifically focused on the resident experience, giving our customers an unparalleled apartment living experience where their needs, concerns, and ideas will always be heard.

“Our team puts a customer-centric lens on the forefront of every decision we make and every process we put into place. Whether that’s how we respond to a prospect, conduct a tour, go through the leasing and move-in process, response/follow-up to maintenance work orders, or communicate with ownership, we ensure that all parties’ goals are aligned and that our owner’s and resident’s expectations are exceeded.”

-Julie Panagos, VP of Property Management

When it comes to third party management, the Keeley Properties team offers a comprehensive platform of integrated and value add services customized to each owner and property:

·Operations – We provide onsite oversight, facility management and maintenance, safety and risk management, vendor relations, contract negotiation, and day-to-day policies and procedures.

·Leasing & Marketing – Our integrated leasing and marketing strategy encompasses everything from competitive research and branding/positioning to advertising, promotions, and social media to community outreach, events/engagement, and resident communications.

·Accounting – We manage accounts payable, accounts receivable, preparation of monthly financial statements, 1099 reporting, and tax preparation.

·Asset Management – We recommend and oversee capital improvement plans, revenue and expense management, and cash management, as well as present institutional level reporting to ownership.

·Construction Management – We oversee interior and exterior renovations, commercial tenant improvements, project budget and schedule preparation, daily oversight, and vendor coordination.

·Development Consulting – We perform due diligence, underwriting, market research, architecture and design reviews, and programming and unit planning, as well as provide financial analysis, assistance with debt and equity lenders, and consult on financial incentive opportunities.

·Pre-Leasing & Onboarding – We begin marketing and pre-leasing new developments by working closely with the development, design, and construction teams to ensure the project and service delivered exceeds the expectations of the end user tenants.

“The work we do is comprehensive as well as customized to each asset and owner. Every touchpoint and backend system contributes to the marketing, leasing, and retention of the building – the experience, the cleanliness, the digital presentation, interactions with everyone on the team – which ultimately matters to the overall performance of the asset.”

-Maggie St. Geme, VP of Marketing & Communications

Keeley Properties has a robust track record of proven results in property and asset management—with both happy clients and residents. For Prosper, a 735-unit, 55-acre property in South Bend, IN in need of renovations, our integrated team renovated 300 units while also managing 360 lease transactions simultaneously. Our legacy properties, Chroma & Hue, were incredible success stories. Under our team’s management, Hue experienced a 5-month lease-up of 111 units while Chroma stayed above 95% with rent growth through our tenure with the property. Marlowe, our newest development in St. Louis, MO, was a unique opportunity that improved an under-utilized property in our city’s desirable Central West End. Marlowe is not cookie cutter with its amenities, services, floor plans, or finishes, but has a bespoke approach to programming and design for the brand. This property is a prime example of how our Property Management and Development teams work together, listening to feedback from onsite team members to keep a pulse on what is most important to customers and residents. Currently we are onboarding two new developments, The Clover (owned) and Lofts at the Mac (third party), which began months before pre-leasing kicked off this spring. We collaborated through the development process on unit design, amenity programming, and branding. As the properties deliver, we are working closely with the construction teams to offer hard hat tours, move residents in, and openly communicate with both prospects and residents on progress and timeline.

With all the growth experienced in our Property Management platform over the past two years, we have fine tuned the onboarding process to allow for a seamless transition regardless of asset type or size. Our team is experienced, organized, and diligent when it comes to this critical transition period for both owners and residents. Keeley Properties is proud to manage properties, build homes and communities, and foster relationships with owners and tenants alike.

“Our team has a strong leadership involvement – we think like owners because we are owners and we spread this mindset to all team members. Every team member holds themselves and each other accountable, walking the walk and talking the talk. We strive for creative solutions and continuous improvement, challenging each other to think of how to move the needle and propel our team and our properties to the next level.”

-Julie Panagos, VP of Property Management

“We have a specialized mix of talent, where each team member comes to the table with varied experiences, different perspectives, and multidisciplinary skills. Together this allows us to learn from each other and find opportunities for the betterment of both the property and people involved – from our colleagues to our customers and communities.”

-Jenna Beaird, Director of Property Management

Learn more about the Keeley Properties difference here. Interested in reading case studies on the above projects? Email us to get the conversation started today.


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