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BestBox: Growing and Moving Up in 2023

Whew. 2023 was an amazing second year for the BestBox team. We doubled our team, expanded our portfolio, entered new markets, gained new industry partnerships, and never lost sight of our mission to make BestBox the premier self storage destination for our customers. The facilities we opened this year proved that no matter where we are located - from the mountains of Billings, Montana to the beaches of Pensacola, Florida - our team is committed to providing a Class-A storage experience. While the self storage industry is full of competitors, our fast-paced growth and strategic brand positioning enabled us to stand out and offer a fun, unique twist on self storage. This year was full of successes that positioned us for a prosperous and busy year ahead as we continue to deliver the best self storage experience nationwide.

This year was all about growing our reach. We had several facilities open this year across the country, bringing our total number of operating facilities to 14! The “Texas Roundup” bunch, our nickname for the four Houston facilities opening this year and early 2024, started with the New Caney 1485 and Porter facilities opening in early November and December. These beautiful facilities are truly first-class with premium features and amenities including climate controlled and drive-up units, 24/7 security, and a sleek, modern design. The BestBox brand also popped up along the Florida panhandle with two beautiful facilities opening in Pensacola at the end of 2023. We also finished the expansions of two existing facilities in Billings, Montana, and Wentzville, Missouri. After the construction dust settled, we finished the year off strong with just under 1 million net rentable square feet across our portfolio.

Our growth in 2023 was only possible due to the amazing real estate and operations professionals behind the BestBox brand. One of our proudest achievements this year was growing our team of storage experts to 14 BestBox team members who are shaking up the self storage industry. From our personable store managers helping customers to our investment associates developing deals behind the scenes, our team is anything but average.

“Our ability to source talented team members has been our greatest success this year. Leveraging the team’s diverse skillset provides us with an agile platform to strengthen both our customer experience and operational success. I firmly believe we have the best team in the industry that is empowered to exceed expectations every chance they get.”

-Jeremy Heard, Director of Operations

With another year under our storage belt, the BestBox team dedicated time to fine-tuning some elements of our operational framework to better serve our customers and create a seamless storage experience. To start, we partnered with Veritec, a third-party revenue management platform that has allowed us to strengthen our ability to make better pricing decisions that maximize value. We also introduced our very own in-house call center with the help of Call Potential. This was instrumental in optimizing call routing between our store managers, regional managers, and our call center. As we scale our portfolio, it is amazing to see how the BestBox team continues to grow, evolve, and find solutions that make our customer’s self storage journey seamless and enjoyable.

If there is one thing to know about BestBox, it’s that we like to make a statement. Our marketing team positioned us for significant growth this year - employing our bold brand colors to help grow our existing customer base. From “Coming Soon” banners to permanent facility signage, the marketing team created a cohesive and easily recognizable brand that truly showcases the BestBox mission and vision. When you see a storage facility with pops of blue and pink, you’ll know that BestBox is near you. We are disrupting the industry by creating a fun, visually unique experience, proving that, in the words of CEO, Rusty Keeley, “self storage is sexy.”

Although 2023 has come to an end, BestBox has no plans on slowing down. We broke ground on 11 sites, have an additional 17 sites in pre-development, and plan on adding over 500,000 net rentable square feet to our portfolio by early 2024. Our team is looking forward to expanding into additional new markets and plans to nearly double our lineup of team members. We’re growing at lightning speed and are emboldened by our vision more than ever - to make BestBox not only a sexy self storage brand but an extraordinary storage destination.

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