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Our integrated real estate platform improves communities through the built environment. KDG invests in people and real estate with integrity, intent, and impact. 

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We invest in people and real estate to build relationships and activate communities.

our values



INTEGRITY // we deliver what we promise. 

NimblENESS // we are entrepreneurial and agile. 

Vision // we make the intangible…tangible.

Empowerment // we give our people autonomy. 

Stewardship // we do good for our partners and community.  

Teamwork // we love what we do together. 


People are the most important asset in our portfolio. Our team is a mix of specialized talent, cultural backgrounds, and varied perspectives that lends harmony, integrity, and respect within each community we operate. KDG fosters an environment where diversity is valued, quality of life is enhanced, professional aspirations are supported, and the Keeley Way is pursued.

The KeeleyWay is our strategic growth model for “Achieving Results on Purpose.” It takes buy-in from all levels of the organization and has resulted in incredible growth across Keeley Companies. The Keeley’n culture – built upon pillars of training and development, strategic planning process, diversity and inclusion, philanthropy and impact, safety, and health and wellness – is what sets us apart.

Click on the logos below to explore our cultural pillars.

Our people-centric KeeleyU helps Keeley'ns achieve their professional development goals.


Beyond a hashtag, #KeeleyCares is a way of life. We believe that together we can make a difference in our communities.

We have a vision and strategic process focused on achieving results on purpose.


Safety is personal and ZERO is the expectation. We believe every Keeley'n deserves to go home safe every day.  


We believe in empowering every voice and are committed to becoming better leaders of diversity and inclusion.


We are focused on supporting every Keeley'n in taking steps to improve their health and well-being.

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